Anal making love could be nerve-wracking to get first-timers. That is why, it’s important to obtain familiar with the method before attempting it out. Besides through the physical areas of anal sex, you’ll also must get ready mentally and emotionally.

Just before, you’ll need to establish a good rapport with your spouse. Don’t pressure or perhaps arouse your partner’s fears. You may want to read literature on anal sexual intercourse or check out ethical porno sites to learn even more.

You’ll need to start out little by little, and you’ll want to establish a safe word to your partner to work with. When you’re comfortable, you can try a handful of different anal sex positions.

Be sure to drink a lot of water prior to and during anal intercourse. This really is necessary for hydration and helps the entire body flush out poisons.

You’ll also ought to practice reduction in friction. Your anus is certainly not as naturally lubricated as your vagina, so you’ll want to use a lube. Generally, you’ll need to use a silicone-based lube. However , you can use coconut oil minus a silicone-based lubricant.

To avoid the chance of tears, you can place a rear end plug within your anus. It will help you reach the penis without tearing the spot.

If you’re afraid of infection, you really should use a condom. In fact , you can also consider using a PrEP (prevention of HIV). Doing this could actually help lower your chances of contracting HIV.

After the anal sex has ended, you can brush your area using a towel. Always clean any kind of toys you used. They will collect feces.


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